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tedTED stands for Technology Education and Design, and is an awesome resource of experts in these fields, giving 10-15 minutes talks, in video format.  It’s like hiring world-renowned experts into your classroom.

Brain Genie

features-enrichment-2Help your students dominate math and science!  Brain Genie builds deep mastery and sharpens problem-solving skills. Students can learn, practice and take quizzes on 5,000+ skills.


photoSchoology is a dynamic, intuitive, and user-centric learning management solution focused on making improvement accessible in diverse educational environments. With custom webpage and content creation, interactive collaboration capabilities, and seamless, third-party application integration, Schoology empowers educators, inspires students, and simplifies administrative tasks across the board.


eA free and safe way for students and teachers to connect and collaborate.



CK-12 Foundation

ckCK-12 Foundation is a non-profit that creates and aggregates high quality curated STEM content., Services like CK-12 make it easy for teachers to assemble their own textbooks. Content is mapped to a variety of levels and standards including common core. You can start from scratch or build from anything in the FlexBooks library.